Friday, October 16, 2009

And I do my little turn on the catwalk (Part II)

So where I left you last, D's mom had taken some pictures for us while I was looking for a wedding photographer who offered engagement sessions, whose work we loved and who we could afford. We found Meg.

Photos by Meg Perotti

Or, to be more precise, I found this picture of a rain booted bride on's vendor page, found Meg's prices to be somewhere in the realm that I considered to be reasonable for good photography, contacted her and eventually negotiated a package that was only three times what I originally budgeted for photography. That's all. Only three times. :) (I should point out I still think we got a decent deal on our wedding photography; I just wasn't really originally prepared to spend this much on it!)

Anyway we placed our deposit with Meg back in August, and we've finally scheduled the engagement shoot for early January. I had originally wanted to try a September engagement shoot since we did, after all, get engaged in September (so what if it was a year earlier?), but life got in the way. No matter; our engagement shoot will actually take place on our four-year dating anniversary. :) See? It still ties in! I'll be giving my hair and make-up people a trial run (which means I should go about hiring them, shouldn't I?), getting myself dressed up (or down?) and practicing my model moves. Hopefully we won't look just as goofy as we did in our amateur shoot!

We haven't decided where we'll have the shoot, yet, but I found myself particularly inspired by these images I found on Green Wedding Shoes:

Top left by Sloan Photographers, top right by Jennifer Skog, both bottom by Leigh Miller

I particularly love the shopping cart photo. I feel like a lot of edgy, interesting engagement shoots result in a lot of shots where the couple looks like they don't even like each other! But these all look like couples who are enjoying being together, and that's definitely important to me for our pictures.

I'm so excited to work with our photographer and get more comfortable in front of the camera before game day. Did you do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer? Did it help you relax?

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  1. We did our engagement shoot earlier this month. It was the greatest experience and both myself and the FI. We felt like the shoot brought us a big step closer to our wedding day. :) It was very sweet and we came away with some amazing shots. One of the best parts about doing an e-shoot is that we have 150% confidence that our photographer is going to rock it out on our wedding day which means that's one less thing to worry about, and hopefully we'll both feel a lot less awkward with her following us around and snapping pics of us. ;)


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