Friday, October 30, 2009

Finishing the international invites

With a major school assignment looming on the horizon for next week and my dad's flight departing the next morning, I found I was too pressed for time to do anything fancy with the invitations. So I did the minimum necessary: RSVP information. If any of my Pakistani family does attend—unlikely, since travel visas are difficult to get and flights can be prohibitively expensive—they'll at least know the address of the website where they can RSVP starting in January.

This may be the easiest DIY project ever, but what I did was open the PDF proof of the invite in Photoshop and cover all of the text and the bottom decorations with blank white boxes. After cropping the image down at the bottom, I resized to 1/4 sheet size and added new text. (The fonts don't match perfectly since I didn't want to purchase Shelley Allegro—I used Sheer Elegance—but I doubt even I, crazy bride lady, would have noticed the mismatch if I received one of these invites.)

After finalizing the image, I went into Word and copied four of these to a page, printed it on cream-colored card stock, and used my handy-dandy rotary trimmer to cut the sheet into quarters after clearing off 1/8" on each side that I forgot to account for on each page. Thankfully I only needed three pages of these this time!

Easy-peasy! If only all of the projects I take on were this simple!

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