Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going to the... chapel? Part III: An unexpected obstacle

Part I: Selecting a season
Part II: Summer is kind of far away

With doubts in our mind about a beach wedding early in the springtime, we returned to the drawing board. We would still need the option of an indoor ceremony in the event of rain (March is unpredictable in the precipitation department in Southern California), but I suddenly realized I would rather be surrounded by wood than waves. My mind moved from blues and greens inspired by the water and sky to rich browns, golds, and a variety of greens. I wanted warm colors, and an environment that felt cozy and intimate rather than open and exposed to the elements, however beautiful those elements happened to be.

With these thoughts in mind, I found my dream venue: The Rococo Room at Café Santorini. The food? Delicious Mediterranean. The prices? Better than Duke's. The view might not have been as exceptional (okay, nowhere close to the panoramic windows to the Pacific) but the location was incredibly convenient. And look at this room!


Doesn't this just exude "warm, intimate wedding" to you?

Unfortunately, D and I were not on the same page. When I told him "dark wood," he imagined trees and forests where I imagined old-fashioned libraries, and he did not.like.my choice. But just because I'm the bride doesn't mean I can have everything I want (dang it!), so I knew I had to move on. And it. Was. HARD.

Did your fiancé put the kibosh on anything that you just had to have? How did you deal with your disappointment?


  1. Wow, I think that venue is gorgeous! We are early in our planning, so the fiance has not put his foot down so far. Though he did mention that he is staunchly anti-sweetheart table, so I will need to compromise there...

  2. You know what REALLY killed me? Last night he saw this image up on my screen and said, "That room is so pretty. [Our venue] is really a lot nicer than Cafe Santorini." And I had to tell him that WAS Cafe Santorini and there was nothing wrong with it!!! AGH! ;)


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