Friday, October 9, 2009

Hair fiasco

I'm afraid of my wedding hair. I'm afraid I'll look like this.


I would like to look like this.

Really, I will probably look like one of these.

From mom's June wedding
(photograph by
Artistic Images)
 From SS1's August wedding
(personal image)

Both of which leave me feeling rather... meh.

I suppose a different stylist could solve this problem, but the lady responsible for my two instances of non-inspiration above has been hired for my wedding already! She's my mom's hair stylist, and aside from being very affordable, she does a great job on my mom's hair. But my hair is really very different from my mother's (as is my taste)—I don't really feel like she listens to me about my own hair. Picture one is what came from me saying I wanted "big, loose curls," but I felt like Shirley Temple all night. The second go-round was a lot better, but I still don't feel great about it. Maybe I need bangs again? Or extensions, so at least the curls go further down my back? I know I don't like what I see; I just can't figure out how to make it better! Or am I being too picky? D loved the results both times; maybe it's not as bad as I think?

Did you have problems communicating your dream hair to your stylist, or was it easy sailing?


  1. I would bring in those pictures and say: "NOT like this." Did you have pictures available before? Some people are just clueless and need visuals. Good luck!!!!

    Oh and how DO you want your hair to look?

  2. Post inspiration pics of your dream hair! :) My trial is next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Alright, ladies; dream hair posted. I just can't imagine what the front should look like... or how my dream hair is possible with what I've got to work with (shorter, and thin!).

  4. Aww... no amount of poor styling could make you look like the Donald :)

    I love your dream hair photo... those big bouncy curls are from curlers, right? In your own hair photos is that natural or was it done with a curling iron?

  5. I can't be sure because I'm a hair dummy, but I do think that curlers were used to achieve that effect. I've never seen a curling iron with a barrel that big. :)

    My own hair is slightly wavy/near straight. I can only achieve curly with the help of a trained professional. :)


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