Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rehearsing the rehearsal

When D and I first booked our venue, we got an email from the banquets department touting their rehearsal dinner option, which included a banquet for a minimum of 25 people for about $50 per person (before tax and service charges). The cost seemed a little high, but what really turned me off is that we're in Los Angeles! There is lots of great food in this city! Why should we limit ourselves to only one location for an entire weekend of potentially good food?

But here's the thing: our rehearsal is at the venue, on a Thursday evening because Fridays are unavailable (something about holding weddings on Fridays, jeez). Our venue is in the middle of nowhere mountain. It will be dark, it will be a windy road, and once we get to the end of it, every important person lives in a different direction!

Don't worry; we won't be dressed like this!

So we're back to considering the venue's rehearsal dinner option. But with a twist! Since they've now opened an on-site restaurant, they have raised the minimum number of people required for the banquet style rehearsal dinner! Scandalous!

Luckily, the restaurant is open to the public, so D and I, along with his parents, will be testing out the restaurant this weekend to see if it's any good, or if we'll be cruising on back down Mount Nowhere before we dine at one of Los Angeles' many delicious eateries, all the while trying to keep our families' serious commutes in mind.

Where did you hold your rehearsal dinner? Was it similar to your wedding cuisine?

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  1. We will probably be holding our rehearsal dinner at Patsy's - a brick oven pizza place. We thought it would be a casual contrast to our ballroom wedding!


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