Saturday, November 14, 2009

Changing inspirations

I promised a story awhile back about our evolving color palette. Once we'd selected a date and venue, we settled on a palette of black, ivory and green.

Table-scape (source); bridesmaid dress (source); flowers (source, source); Manolos (source); cake (souce)

Then we decided to go a little crazy--how about olive green and eggplant purple? It sounded yummy, at least!

Invitation (source); bridal lengha (source); bridesmaid dresses (source, source); flowers (source); Jessica Simpsons (source)

Eventually I dropped the purple and added gold, but after I discovered amnesia roses, I added a little lavender back into the equation.

Invitations (source); Charles Davids (source); cake (source); bangles (source); wedding dress (source); bridesmaid dress (source); flowers (source)

Among the many, many reasons I am looking forward to finally being married to Mr. Spaniel, I count getting my photos and comparing them to my original inspirations. :)

Were you able to really commit to your colors? Or did your palette change over time?


  1. My palette has totally changed over time! It went from black, white, and process cyan to now, well, it's neutral gray/blacks with ... every color under the sun. It's turned into a technicolor wedding. No joke, but I think it'll be bananas awesome. :)

    I love seeing the change in your palette via your inspiration boards! I still have yet to make a *new* inspiration board for our technicolored dream boat. lol

  2. I love the purple with the green, of course I am bias because my favorite color is purple but really it looks good! My colors have changed a tiny bit but have a feeling they will evolve to something different!

  3. I may have already said this on weddingbee not sure! But I was thinking purple and green would be lovely colors if we didnt already have our blue and yellow, which I love! We're using lemons in the centerpieces and the bridesmaids are wearing excited to see it all turn out!

  4. I am trying my best to stick with the colors I committed to (peacock blue, orange and silver) but I love the red and aqua combo. And plum, and brown. But now that the save-the-dates have been printed in peacock blue, orange and gray, I guess I'd better stick with it. Even my shoes are peacock blue and I just bought the BM dresses in the shimmery peacock blue. I guess I'm just unsure about silver as an accent...

  5. @Lauren: I can't wait to see how your colors turn out. ;) They sound fun!

    @NM Bride: Thank you! They are pretty awesome together ;)

    @D. Marie: Blue and yellow are also great. :) They would have been our summer colors, if we'd had a summer wedding!

    @Vera D.: My STDs don't match ANY of my wedding colors. :) I saw it as the one chance to go crazy! BTW, I love your colors! If you're not sure of silver as a peacock accent, I'd go with gold.


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