Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singing in the rain

I don't know if you've heard, but we Angelenos are facing some uncharacteristically inclement weather this week. Luckily, I am prepared!

In 2009, I think we totaled about three days of rain (two of which you could probably characterize as a drizzle), but I went ahead and ordered some rain boots on Zappos in the spring anyway since my campus practically flooded from it and ruined my favorite ballet flats. (By the way, I am still in mourning and trying to determine whether there is a cause of action against the designer of the parking structure for negligent infliction of emotional distress... no?). So as I stomped and sloshed my way around school today in my spiffy new(ish) rain boots (with dry jean hems, hooray!), I suddenly made the connection:


Rain boots? Wedding dress? Incredibly cute picture? Yes, yes, and yes! Well, maybe, yes, and hopefully, but you get the idea.

I'm hoping the weather will be dry and not too cold, either on W-Day, and if that's the case I won't even bother bringing the boots along. But if there is even a hint of mud anywhere, I will not be slipping and sliding in my strappy gold sandals—I'll be happily joining the ranks of rain booted brides instead!




Did you include anything unexpected in your bridal wardrobe? Do tell!


  1. Haha, cute boots! I think you're out of luck on the NIED thing, though ;)

  2. I love rainboots.

    Sorry about the MUA BS. I agree with you. I stress over the idea of paying someone and then hating their work. That would really make me upset on the wedding day.


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