Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wait, I AM a Buff Bride!

When I updated our wedding website with our new engagement photos, I took a quick gander at the old ones, just for fun. I knew the new ones were going to blow the old ones out of the water, but I saw something that I hadn't expected: I lost weight! My workouts are working!

This is me in April of 2009.

Photo by FMIL Spaniel

Let's forget about the fact that I am makeup-less, hairstyle-less, and just style-less in general here, shall we? Let's also forget about the fact that the photo quality is the kind you can only get from a point-and-shoot camera and an inexperienced photographer. (Sorry, FMIL Spaniel! We love you anyway!) But seriously... what is with that BUMP?! Oh, it's my belly. :(

This is me in January of 2010.

Photo by Meg Perotti

I think the differences are pretty obvious, but I should also point out that my jeans are two sizes smaller in the second picture!

It might not seem particularly impressive—I lost two pant sizes in 8 months, but I'm guessing that most brides here don't have that long to go—but the truth is, I didn't really get serious until November of this year... maybe the tail-end of December, if I'm being honest. So I really lost two pant sizes in five weeks. And if I'd had more to lose, I bet it would have made a bigger impact!

I have been doing the Buff Brides 12-week program for nearly six weeks now, and I flesh it out by playing Ultimate Frisbee once a week (about an hour of intense cardiovascular exercise!) or by doing this video a couple times in a row after weight lifting. I don't skip workouts no matter how lazy I feel, and I watch what I eat (most of the time). Amazingly, it really hasn't been that hard. And now that I see my own before and after? I don't think I could let myself fall off the wagon again!

Have you been sticking to a workout plan? Have you started to see results?


  1. Congrats! You look great. I have amazingly made it through the month of January with regard to sticking with a gym routine. Gotta work on my eating habits next!

  2. Congrats!!! You look amazing! I'm hoping I can tone up & go down a couple jeans sizes before all of the festivities!

  3. Yup, definitely see the difference. Congrats! I am horrible at sticking to work out plans but I don't need them really. If you watch the short little video on my blog yesterday you'll see how thin I already am...I don't exercise to 'lose' weight, I exercise to build up muscle (gain weight) and to get my energy level up. My fiance was telling me this morning I really need to get disciplined...good for you!

  4. @PPG: Thanks, and good luck! Eating well makes a huge difference. :)

    @BMB: Thanks also! I saw how thin you are--how awesome that you don't have to work at it!--but you should definitely weight train! Thin Caucasian women are at high risk for osteoporosis, and weight training is a great way to combat that risk!

  5. You look great! I started the same workout but stopped over xmas when we were visiting family. I am getting back into it now and it is so encouraging to see your results! Thx for sharing!

  6. I really didn't think you needed any loss in the old pics, but when you put it like that- WOW! You are SUPER BUFF :o) Congrats.

  7. @CL: Thank you! Glad to help. :) I always knew this workout was effective, but it's nice (for me!) to actually be able to SEE the results, not just feel them. It's motivating!

    @AZ: Honestly, I don't think I needed to lose weight either! But I didn't feel as healthy or fit as I did before--2007-2009 was all about studying for me and very much NOT about self-care. I feel a lot healthier now, and as an added benefit, I like the way I look in pictures much better. ;)

  8. You can definitely see the difference (not that it looks like you needed to work out) so well done! I do the opposite, exercise to build muscle as I have the scrawniest little arms otherwise!


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