Monday, January 25, 2010

We! Have!! E-Pics!!!


Oh, sorry, I meant to blog something first. I got excited. :-D

As you've heard by now, Southern California got pummeled with rain last week—enough that I was worried our weekend engagement shoot would have to be canceled. But the sun came back out Saturday, the puddles miraculously dried, and Mr. Spaniel and I got to have our "fifteen minutes" with our photographer, who was a total blast to work with!


You may have noticed that neither the sweater nor the tunic made an appearance in our shoot—the night before, I pulled out everything in my closet and hated all of it (isn't it frustrating when that happens?). Suddenly the tunic made me look pregnant; the sweater, fat; the flats, short; the jeans, dated. Poor Mr. Spaniel; he was on the receiving end of some ridiculous theatrics.

Miss Spaniel: I don't have anything to wear.
Mr. Spaniel: How about that black dress?
Miss S: No, that's too dark.
Mr. S: Are you sure? I really like it on you.

...and so on. So I put on the only jeans that made me feel good, and indulged in some early morning shopping after getting my hair done.


We ended up taking pictures in Old Town Pasadena, where we spend most of our date nights! Not only did we find the most awesome backdrops (that last picture? Taken in front of a dumpster. Seriously), but I'm really excited that, some day, our kids will see these pictures and they'll really see not only that we are both "really, really, ridiculously good looking" (HA!) but they'll also get a really clear snapshot (no pun intended) of where we were at that time in our lives. The shoot really reflected us.


I'm pleased as pie with these pictures, and I'm so glad we got this experience in front of the camera, and with our photographer, specifically. It went from feeling silly and embarrassing to silly and lots of fun!


We'd really love to get prints of a few of these, to put up in our apartment (finally, pictures where we don't both look really, really ridiculously stupid!), and to frame and give to our parents. It's so hard to pick our favorites! I can hardly even narrow it down for this post!


So, once again, I seek the wisdom of the 'hive: which shot do you like best?

Poll Option A: 1
Poll Option B: 2
Poll Option C: 3
Poll Option D: 4
Poll Option E: 5
Poll Option F: 6

All photos in this post by the really, really ridiculously talented Meg Perotti.


  1. I like that 2 of the options are just you! lol. I like 2 & 6 best, but I like 3 too!

  2. LOL...he's in there! You have to click the photos to see the whole thing since my columns are narrow, but I wanted the photos big for when they go up on Weddingbee. :)

  3. Oh, you have to pick 6! By the way, you are gorgeous!

  4. They are all gorgeous but I think my fave is 3 :)

  5. haha! I didn't click on those!

  6. 2 and 3 are my faves. I hope you don't get offended when I tell you your fiance is hot! You two make a beautiful couple and will have some gorgeous shots come wedding day! So glad our stupid So Cal rain cleared up for you on Saturday :)

  7. Haha, offended? Flattered! And I'm sure he'd be happy to hear it. ;)

    Thanks all!

  8. LOVE that cardigan! These are great!

  9. Thanks!

    BTW, now that the post is live on WB, I've resized the landscape ones so that no one thinks I am ordering engagement pictures with just me in them. ;)


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