Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The right way to do a Jewish-Pakistani wedding

For some reason, I've been somewhat resistant to playing Hava Nagila at the wedding. Then I accidentally heard this version, and was sold.

Of course, after further consideration, I realized that people trying to run in circles on a dance floor at a pace to keep up with this tempo could be dangerous! So, armed with the realization that traditional songs could be made fun and new, I searched on! And what I found? Pure gold, I tell you, pure gold.

(The good stuff starts at about 0:22.)

Tell me you've ever seen anything that funny anywhere. Go on, I dare you. You're lying.


  1. I wish I were Jewish if only so I could play Hava Nagila. Also, I dream of chuppahs.

  2. I have secured permission from the Jewish attendees at our wedding to play Hava Nagila even though neither my fiance nor I are Jewish. so far, all have been on board and offered to lift the chairs - it's such a fun tradition!


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