Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spaniel in the shower

I know makeup trial pictures, but with the wedding right around the corner and only a limited number of posts left in me until I'm an old married blogger, this one is going to have to do double duty! So now that I have pictures, I can finally show you what happens when Spaniels get showered!


Ahem. Since BM-Y was organizing my bachelorette party with some of my bridesmaids, Spaniel FMIL offered to host a bridal shower for me last month to help keep the bridesmaids' burden light. She threw an awesome party!

(All photos below by Aunt Spaniel)

There was cake! There were also other desserts (including some red velvet cupcakes that have threatened to derail my fitness plan because they were so good I now want them all the time)!

There was loot!

There was bridal bingo! BM-Noe called items with her teacher voice.

There was wine! I drank it, as I am wont to do. (Also: I have decided that I mostly like my makeup, but I do not look like Penelope Cruz.)

There was a ribbon bouquet! Step-sister/BM-M assembled it. She's actually a great artist, so maybe this will be worth something someday. ;) (Did I mention that I mostly like my makeup? I'm going to ask for a slightly smokier eye, and either a more brown blush or just less of it. More eye, less cheek, I think. What do you think?)

There was a huge group shot! A few people had to leave early; the group was even bigger than this!

Fun times!


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