Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spaniels' California Adventure: Happy Cows Come From Here

We saw a LOT of cows driving around the coast. Between Guerneville and Timber Cove we actually found a whole herd just hanging out on the Pacific Coast Highway, with a nearby rancher on horseback watching over them. Word to the wise: when you see cow crossing signs on PCH? Drive slowly. They mean it, and you never know what blind curve has a big cow waiting on the other side for you!

I imagine this is what the commercials are rerferring to when they say that "happy cows come from California"—there was lots and lots of room to roam around, the grass was green, and, seriously, can you beat the view these cows had?

Cows with a view!

Want to see where the adventure began?
Honeymoon Roadtrip
Sebastopol and Occidental
Timber Cove

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