Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Boutonnieres and Tuxedos

The wedding day sure looks different from the other side of things. While my bridesmaids and I spent hours "in" hair and makeup (leaving us no time for anything other than room service), my groom and his men were able to head to the hotel restaurant for a long, relaxing brunch buffet. Hmph. On the other hand, they had to arrange their own transportation to the venue (we got to take the hotel shuttle, because we delicate flowers can't be bothered drive), and get way fewer pictures of them getting ready. ;)

We can draw the story out by starting when my brother-in-law (HA! I GET TO SAY THAT NOW!)'s girlfriend walked in with the guys' boutonnieres.

They were already dressed in their tuxedos when they arrived at Calamigos, so there wasn't much left to do but put on the finishing touches!

(Apparently that last one was problematic, judging from Middle Brother Spaniel's perplexed face, and the fact that two different people attempted to do it!)

Once the boutonnieres were safely attached, it was time for the glamor shots...

...or should I say, glamor SOCKS?

All photos by Regis Photography and the incomparable Meg Perotti.

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