Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Putting Our Faces On

While MOH-S and BM-Noe did the dirty work and made phone calls when we found out that make-up artist was canceling on the day of my wedding, the hair stylist arrived. After chiding me for not calling her sooner so that she could bring her make-up and help me out (I have no idea why I didn't think of that), she got to work making me look pretty.

I wasn't sure exactly what I had wanted my hair to look like, so I brought this picture of Emmy Rossum during our earlier trial and told her, "like this, but lower on top and curlier on bottom."


Since Febe is my regular hair stylist, we'd had several chances to practice my 'do for the big day. The first time, we learned that my hair extensions hold curl much better than my natural hair does, so she used a holding spray on my hair the second time. The second time, we learned that my natural hair with holding spray holds curl better than the extensions do, so we used it on both the extensions and my own hair on the wedding day. Trial and error, right?

Also, because she is a magical hair mind-reader, Febe seemed to know exactly what I was talking about with my vague description, ignored my constant style-waffling, and got to work on pinning my curls and styling my extensions.

(She found my extension hanging system... amusing)

Outside of the bathroom, however, a miracle was occurring—or, rather, a miracle worker arrived. One of the many calls that MOH-S made during the morning was to Image Resorts in Camarillo. The receptionist placed a call to Aliona at home, who called us back to quote us a reasonable emergency makeup price, get hired, get directions and save the day. While Febe was curling my hair, Aliona prettified MOH-S and BM-Noe (who I hope will forgive me for posting these ridiculous pictures of her!).

When it was my turn, I showed Aliona the same picture of Penelope Cruz that I showed the first MUA.


And like the first time, I didn't look like Penelope Cruz in the end. DAMN IT AGAIN!

Aliona insisted that dark eye makeup was not "bride-appropriate" and that I had to go lighter. She also wouldn't put on fake eyelashes, telling me that, without a trial, they might fall out and it would be a disaster. I was not exactly in a position to find a new makeup artist with only a few hours left to go until the wedding, so I relented and figured I could ask her to change anything I didn't like when she was done.

(Primed and incredulous)

(What's with all the purple?)

Luckily lavender was one of my wedding colors, because I felt a little like Grimace when I looked in the mirror at first. Still, I was starting to warm up to the lavender eye shadow (but was definitely pretty iffy on the purple lipstick) while Febe finished off my hair.

When my hair was done and I got to see the look mostly completed, I decided I was on board with the purple Spaniel after all. The purple lipstick still looked weird and unnatural to me (of course, being a wearer solely of clear lip balm only would have made any color weird and unnatural), but I got positive feedback and I ended up really liking the way it came out in pictures. But I really loved the eye makeup. My eyes are on the dark side of brown, and they tend to look black in pictures. Even in these simple snapshots, I feel like my eye color looks much warmer and brighter. And in the pro shots? I HAVE EYELASHES!

(Photo by Meg Perotti)

After my hair was done, we had just enough time to clip my veil in, get the bridesmaids into their dresses, and hop into the shuttle to get to Calamigos and get me married!

Did anyone else find themselves doing their makeup trial on their wedding day? :)

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  1. I think you looked beautiful in the end, even though it took a lot of last minute scrambling and wasn’t the exact look you originally envisioned. Glad it worked out for you!

  2. This is perfect proof that I need to try hair and makeup together to get the full feeling. You look STUNNING in that last photo when it all comes together. I would never have know about your makeup mishaps.

    This makes me feel better, because I think I just lost my long-time hairstylist (who does makeup too). She's now getting married a few weeks after me. Boo. But it will all come out right in the end, and if it looks half as great as you, I'll be cheering!

  3. Love it and so glad it worked out. Your hair inspiration was perfect! I totally knew what you wanted and would have gone with the same thing. :) I didn't feel like my stylist did a good job of 'glamming' up my hair on my wedding day which is something I'll share in a future recap, but I think you got exactly what you needed. A more beautiful version of your already pretty self :)

  4. Glad everything worked out for you. The final product was very beautiful. Kudos to your hair stylist.


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