Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I haven't talked much about our flowers other than a tangential post of my "inspiration" bouquet, and I'm pretty happy I didn't over-think it. Instead, I asked Devi of Les Fleurs de Vie for a green, cream, and lavender bouquet in muted tones (with a more monochromatic green scheme for the bridesmaids), and decided not to get too particular about the details. The end result was soft and lovely, and perfect.

(BM-Noe models the bridesmaid bouquet)

(My tri-color rose bouquet)

Wait, does something seem... familiar? My something borrowed and blue came courtesy of the lovely Mrs. Quiche—a wedding gift to her from Mrs. Perfume! I like to think that I took a piece of the 'Bee with me on my wedding day. :)

All photos by the spectacular Meg Perotti.

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  1. Aw, I love it. I'm planning to bring something from the blog community into my wedding day too (more on that later), and it makes me really happy. So I'm happy you had such a pretty detail that also MATTERED.

  2. Aww - your bouquet is lovely & the brooch looks fabulous! :)

  3. Thanks :) I think some of the best support I had in wedding planning came from the blogging community, and it made me happy to have my something borrowed reflect that. :)


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