Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Randomizer: Spaniel

Long time, no see, friends! I know I said good-bye already, but when Mrs. Avocado suggested this series, I was excited to play along. Since I haven't really looked at our wedding pictures in almost a year, it was a lot of fun to revisit some pictures I'd forgotten about!

I suppose there is no harm in starting at the end, is there? My first random photo is from late in the reception. I was dancing with my brother and some law school friends, while one of the groomsmen was trying to pick up one of my girlfriends. ;)

We were on our way to get pictures taken with the bridal party when this one was taken. I have to laugh when I see it because of how high I was holding my dress to keep the dirt off of it. (But it worked!)

Self-explanatory, right? This was right outside of the bridal dressing room, taken before the first look.

Sneaking a kiss with my new husband during toasts. Or maybe it wasn't so sneaky.

I love this picture and how it focuses on Mr. Spaniel. Weddings (and photos, and recaps!) can be so bride-centric, and it's nice to have a shot of the two of us where Mr. Spaniel is front and center (or back and focused, as the case may be). (And don't worry; he was smiling in the next photo!)

I love how the dining room looked all lit up. We picked our venue because it was already so beautiful without our help or any extras; all we added were three pillar candles in hurricane vases and some scattered rose petals.

My older-younger brother (got that? I'm the oldest; he's younger than me but the older of my brothers) gave the last toast of the night. I asked him if he would months before the wedding, but I'm pretty sure he still pretty much winged it. No wonder he had that beer in his hand. :)

We announced all of the people who preceded me down the aisle at the beginning of the reception. Papa Spaniel escorted Grandma Spaniel into the room first.

This photo, taken during our first dance, is one of my favorites from the wedding. I loved dancing with my husband for the first time, I love seeing how beautifully my dress moved, and I love that MIL-Spaniel is taking a snapshot in the background.

Our programs totally didn't get enough screen time for how much work BM-Noe and I put into them. I will owe her many, many crafts when she gets married!

All photos by Meg Perotti.

Well that was fun times. Okay, your turn!


  1. amazing pictures! Love the mood captured here

  2. You were a lovely bride, A. Marigold, you really were. Thanks for sharing these photos. It's always nice to see joyful events happen and revisiting them through photos.


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