Monday, January 26, 2009

Catastrophic cheat days!

I'm on week 4 of my workout routine, and I've been sticking to my diet really well. Or at least I had been, until SATURDAY.

So let me tell you about this catastrophic failure. Our soccer game got rained out (we're not that hardcore; we don't play in the rain), and so I didn't get any cardio for the week. I know that I need more cardio during the week than just an hour and a half on Saturdays, but I haven't managed it yet!

Anyway, with massive amounts of free time on my hands, I had to work very hard not to fill the time eating—lord knows I couldn't fill it studying!—but I was pretty successful throughout the day. What I was not successful in was avoiding injury! I was goofing around with D and his dog (all that extra energy...) and managed to pull a muscle in my side and my leg. OUCH.

We went out that night for drinks with BM5 and her boyfriend, and although I avoided the really fattening blended drinks that I like so very much, EXTRA CALORIES. And to avoid getting sloshed? MINI CHEESEBURGERS. And when I felt like death on toast the next morning? COFFEE, WAFFLES, EGGS and BACON (but with real maple syrup! No?). Not only that, but when I realized how much those pulled muscles actually hurt the next day, I became grouchy in the kind of way that only COOKIES N' CREAM ICE CREAM could solve... TWO CUPS OF IT! And because I felt crummy today because I couldn't finish my whole workout (can't do side bends with pulled obliques!), another one today!!

Arg. I have to get back on schedule tomorrow. This sucks. I hate feeling like weeks of hard work may have just been lost. :(

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  1. And, OH MY GOD, I want so much more ice cream!!!


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