Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Selecting our color palette has been an evolutionary process. I've really wanted to use shades of green (Mr. Spaniel's favorite color!), and I think I have finally figured out what I mean by that. :)

I think I'm going with mostly black and white/ivory (damask? paisley?), with flowers and accents in shades of green.

I've been really drawn to these bridesmaid dresses since I first saw them. I have five girls, who are all different shapes and sizes, and I want to give them options that each will be comfortable in, but that still go well together. I like the tea length, I like the lace. I am not sure about the white/ivory underlay; I might go with black on black.

See? Green flowers. Hot? Hot. And I love the idea of pale greens to golds for an early spring wedding.

I'd definitely like to do a white (or ivory!) cake, with black paisley (or some other interesting pattern). I think I'd like the tiers to be square, though. One thing Mr. Spaniel and I have agreed on: at least one tier (the one we are eating from!) has to be marble cake with chocolate filling. :) I think, if there is more than one flavor, the other should be fruity, don't you?

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