Thursday, January 7, 2010

But baby, it's cold outside

I'm a weather wimp. To be fair, it's not really my fault! I grew up in Southern California, where we don't really have weather—50° F is pretty much freezing in my book.

(A funny story: I visited a law school in NYC during the spring one year, and it was 60° out that day. People all over the campus were out in their shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops; I wore a turtleneck sweater, my big wool peacoat and Uggs. I don't know what I would have done if I'd had to face actual winter weather when I was still cold in my warmest clothing! I guess that—and Mr. Spaniel!—is why I'm still in L.A.! ;) ).

Luckily—since our ceremony will be outdoors—March weather in Malibu should be fairly mild (unless it rains—a bridge we will cross in another post!). Here's what I'm looking at:


Even though the weather should be mild, I am definitely looking at ways to keep warm for our evening ceremony.

Conveniently, my dress has a matching 3/4-length sleeve bolero, which is available for an additional $100.


Inconveniently, I did not order it with my dress, so I'm not sure if I can order it separately (or get it in time if I do). Why didn't I order it? Because it's the only bolero I ever met that I didn't like the look of!

So as it turns out, finding a bolero that is not hundreds of dollars and one that actually provides warmth (rather than just modesty, which I'm not really that worried about) and that ALSO matches my dress is kind of impossible (unless one of you knows about something that I don't? Hm?). So I'm looking into a pashmina or shawl instead.


I think this idea has more promise, but I haven't found anything that has bowled me over yet.

What did/will you do to keep warm at your evening wedding? Or were you lucky enough not to have to worry about it? :)


  1. I like the pashmina look. My dress has little lace cap sleeves, but I may be cold nonetheless. Northern California usually still has pretty great weather in October, when our wedding is, but every now and then it will rain. In that case, we are going to have to move the whole production indoors.

    You could always get the bolero that goes with your dress and have the sleeves shortened or altered. It will cost a little more, but if it's the only thing that goes with the gown, it might be worth it.

  2. I hear you. (though I actually like the bolero with that dress, especially if it's for the ceremony.) I'm just sucking it up for the ceremony because I can't find anything I love. I'm planning on a shoulder bolero for the early evening and a pashmina in the same color as the bolero (either royal purple or deep red) for when I'm cold, tipsy and no longer care what people think (that's about the same point I kick off the heels and dance around barefoot.)

    Have you had any luck on etsy? I think boleros with sleeves are difficult to make well and difficult to match precisely, but you might find some luck with shawls or pashminas there.

  3. I think the pashmina/shawl gives you room to add more character.

    I haven't thought about what I will do if it is cold the day of our wedding. It's unlikely, but I suppose I should have a back-up, just in case.


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