Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dream dress

Looky, looky! (Lots of pictures!)

I finally found an image I could save, so I decided I wanted to show you all my DREAM dress (now I just need to find it at a reasonable price!).

It's Fontana from the 2009 La Sposa collection. I particularly love it with the extra lace top; it's like two dresses in one!

If I can't find it, though, I'll probably be going for one of these three dresses from David's Bridal:

(Click the images for views of the full-length dresses.) I like the Oleg Cassini (the last one) best, but of course it is the most expensive.


  1. I LOVELOVELOVE The first one! classy and won't look dated in your pictures 20 years from now, ya know? and anything that ends with "ini" is gonna be expensive! ;)

  2. True!! But even the "ini" is still probably 1/3 the cost of the first dress!! :(


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