Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big success

Yesterday I forgot my belt when I packed my things to spend the rest of the weekend with D. My jeans felt incredibly loose, so, on a whim, I held the waist out in front of me to see how big they were. I should have taken a picture; I felt like a weight-loss commercial. I bought those jeans at my heaviest; since then I've lost at least three inches in diameter! ;) Not sure how that translates to actual inches lost, but whatever. It's damn good news to me! I've definitely dropped one size since January (I have one more to go before my old pants start to fit me again), which is really exciting. But that means I have one pair of jeans that are a size too big, and two pairs that are a size too small, so I have to choose between a muffin top and a saggy butt. Not very attractive choices! If I don't lose the next few pounds very quickly (like, before the end of February), I might have to buy a pair of jeans in between sizes to hold me over.

I have about five pounds to go before I get back to my ideal weight. Then I'll need to re-jigger my diet to be able to maintain my weight while still working on my overall fitness. It'd be terrible if I gained any of it back before the wedding ;).

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