Thursday, February 5, 2009

The diet that isn't really a diet

I've been talking a lot about my diet and how much I love-hate it, but when I was practically drooling today over an imaginary chocolate chip muffin from Porto's Bakery, I had to rethink what exactly it is that I am trying to accomplish here. (If you live anywhere near Los Angeles and have not tried their pastries yet, GET YOUR ASS TO GLENDALE—or Burbank—and GET ONE! OR 17!)

I've never been on a "diet" before. I've exhorted myself to eat less ice cream, and I've (temporarily) consciously reduced portion sizes in the past. But to actually stick to a plan whereby I eat something pre-planned and I can't completely change it if the mood strikes? This is new to me. And hard. Sometimes, a girl just wants a warm muffin or hot cereal for breakfast instead of yogurt and pomegranate seeds, ya know?

One of my girlfriends asked me today how long I intended to stay on this diet. I told her as long as it takes to get back to my goal weight, but, once I get there? Will I go back to eating whatever I feel like, without regard for whether I'm getting enough balance to my diet throughout the day? So I should have said, "FOREVER." The point is to change my lifestyle and make it healthier, not just to shrink down for a dress. Sure, once I get back to my goal weight I will have to add more calories, and that's fine—I can have eggs for breakfast once a week, or add some guacamole to my order every now and then (or even go to the kind of restaurant that would serve guacamole! Oh Mexican food, how I miss you!). But beyond that, I probably shouldn't abandon course just because the number on the scale is different, because I'm actually already healthier than I was a month ago. It'd be dumb to give that up!

Anyway, I'm down nearly seven pounds from my peak weight, which is about four pounds down from where I was when I started during the second week of January. I'm pretty pleased with my progress, even though I would actually kill you for a slice of Cuban cake right about now.


  1. As sad as it is to say, I was down to goal by the day of and had to have the dress drastically altered, but it crept back afterwards. I'm now doing WW to build better habits for me rather than a dress. I hope you don't repeat my mistake.

  2. LJT - Good luck with WW! I'm really working on a lifestyle change and not just a crash diet. (I know someday I will let myself have a muffin again, though! Even if I have to run five miles immediately afterwards!)


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