Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thinking about the honeymoon

Last night D and I did a little bit of research for our honeymoon. We've got about one week: we were thinking of taking a driving trip up the California coast, through Santa Barbara and then hitting up wine country before heading back home.

OR, we could just head to Napa (or Sonoma) and spend a few days there.

OR, we could take a 5-day Caribbean cruise, which would probably cost less (except for the cost of the flights).

What would you do?


  1. Mmmm wine country. BF and I have talked about doing either that or going to Barcelona.

    Also, I followed you here from your comment and I have a pretty good idea of the kind of Bird you used to be - do you mind if I link to this new blog?

  2. The only major caveat I can think of, as far as honeymoons go, is international travel.

    If either of you will change part of your legal name, effective upon registration of the marriage certificate, that can cause problems with the passport office. Having looked into this for my own impending wedding, man--the Feds really make things more complicated than necessary. Blasted passport reqs for Canada and Mexico....

    Liking the new blog! Maybe one of these days I'll get back into the fun.

  3. This post feels like a reunion. ;)

    Laughing: I really want to go to Spain, but I want to wait until I have more than six days to do it in.

    Ric: I didn't think of that. We're probably not going to travel internationally until after I graduate (a few months after the wedding), in all likelihood, but that might further dissuade me from the cruise option! Unless it's to Hawaii...


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