Saturday, February 14, 2009

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

D and I are not big celebrants of V-Day, but we decided to satisfy my craving for Mexican food and have a DIY Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner of homemade... fajitas. :)

I'm actually pretty excited about this meal. We got some limes from his parents' backyard, organic corn tortillas and skirt steak from Whole Foods, and beautiful bell peppers, onions, avocados and tomatoes from the farmers' market this morning. We're going to make some mojitos with some of the limes and the mint we have growing on the balcony to have while we cook, and for dessert, chocolate-covered strawberries (also homemade!).

Ultimately it costs as much (or more) than going out, but we get to avoid the Valentine's Day crowds at all the restaurants (which drive me crazy) and can be as loud and silly as we want in only our own company. Now if only we could get someone else to wash the dishes!

Update: The vegetables came out wonderful, and the guacamole was delicious. But our marinade actually started to cook the beef and it came out super tough. :( At least we had mojitos to fill up on!


  1. OMG!!!!! WE MUST BE SISTERS!!!! ;)

    I too hate Feb 14 AND I made home made enchiladas yesterday!!! How strange is that? They were goooood and I ate them for breakfast today too. and me a guacamole are BEST FRIENDS. God, I LOVE it on a baked potato or french fries dipped in it. gee I want some.

  2. I would frickin love you if you made mojitos for me!

  3. Alright, I guess we all just need to get together for mojitos and guacamole. ;)


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