Thursday, March 12, 2009

A dress for my mom's wedding

I was really excited to buy a dress for my mom's wedding. I'd seen a few dresses at Nordstrom that were especially awesome, that were conservative enough for my mom's semi-religious wedding (maybe, maybe not, but I wasn't willing to go any more conservative), but that I could wear again easily.

Both are relatively reasonably priced, and I find them extremely cute. But my mom, who started out with a small, simple wedding, has changed her plans (JUST A BIT!) and I now can no longer choose my dress, or the length, or the color...

She now has something like this in mind.

It's definitely not terrible, but I can promise I will never get any further use out of a dress in a color called "watermelon" again. And I just hate long dresses. :( I'm trying to at least talk her into these, because they're not totally hideous.

I don't know. I like David's for some wedding dresses, maybe, but I'm not too keen on their bridesmaid selection. At least, not in WATERMELON. Bummer. (And I'm still disappointed I don't have an excuse to buy the Adrianna Papell dress anymore!)

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