Friday, March 13, 2009

Wedding look 4

Here's another bridal look that I think would fit really well with our garden wedding venue and my unreasonable love of lace.

Dress: Oleg Cassini dress from David's Bridal, $1,050. Hair: image from The Knot. Flowers: image from Arena Flowers. Jewelry: Gwenyth CZ earrings, $68; Raphaela rhinestone necklace, $36 by Anna Bellagio. Shoes: Joshua by Nine West, $79; Patterned classic ballet flats by J. Crew, $118.

I had been a fan of A-line silhouettes, but lately I am definitely drawn to slimmer lines and mermaid style dresses. They are just seeming more visually interesting to me right now. Even though this one is a slightly sexier style dress than I'd originally had in mind, it still has enough lace to make it super feminine. I really like the hairpiece, too; it's sort of floral, right? I'd like a similar hairstyle, but maybe a little looser and intentionally messy.

I also liked the earrings because, even though they are rhinestones, the shape of the design reminded me of a lace pattern. And the shoes! These, really, are not my favorites, but I really want to find some colorful and interesting shoes that are fun(!). Where can a girl find green wedding shoes that aren't satin?


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