Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skinny dresses!

Now that I am officially a hot potato, I am a little more willing to consider a more form-fitting dress. After all, how can D and I do a nifty little salsa number for our first dance if I'm in a big ball gown? :)

I guess I really need to knock off the chocolate? :) Anyway, the first dress is another Oleg Cassini from David's Bridal for $1,050; the second is only $499!! Of course, it doesn't have any lace (which I want) but... so what? It's hot!


  1. I've been gravitating towards fitted, mermaid style too lately. I love that they make me look skinnier, too!!

  2. It is not easy to find good fitting wedding dress at affordable price... Both are really nice skinny dresses. First one is much better!!


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