Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goal weight... achieved?

I'm definitely not down to where I was at my peak (or is it a valley?), but now that I'm a few years older and can't pass for a teenager anymore (ugh), maybe I'm not supposed to be. What I know right now is that, even though I'm carrying a tiny bit more fat in my belly and my upper arms then I want to be, I have always carried more fat there than I've wanted to, and that was even when I was ten pounds lighter than I am today (and I was not healthy at the time).

So as of today, I will accept my body at the size and shape that it is. I haven't gained or lost any weight since a month ago, and I don't know that I need to at this point. I will keep exercising to make myself healthier and stronger, and mostly maintain my dreaded diet (which I still fantasize about breaking in really awesome ways... like eating an entire SaraLee pound cake in one sitting, for example). If I never get to a size 2 again, I'll live. I'll just need to buy new pants. :)

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