Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not wedding related

Last night I went with BM5 to a champagne and dessert bar for a "wedding happy hour." After being assaulted by various wedding vendors for an hour, we were disappointed to find out that no champagne was actually being served (although the punch was pretty good... even if it did leave me with a wicked hangover today despite the relatively low alcohol content) and headed over to a wine bar down the street before heading back home. I'll have to try that place again someday, without the coordinators and photographers (etc.). I might actually suggest it for my bachelorette party.

Meanwhile, I have good, non-wedding-related news today. I got my summer internship really late in the process (some people knew what they were doing this summer last August; I didn't finish my search until last week), and I had kind of felt like a loser because it was so hard to come by (even though it's fairly prestigious internship and is not usually offered earlier in the year... I just never knew back in August though March that I actually had a shot at it) so I just kind of assumed that nothing else good on the career front could happen to me this year.

But no! I was just contacted by another prestigious agency (moreso than my summer internship) for a fall internship that I applied to months ago. Apparently prestigious internships move slowly ;).

I'm really excited, and keeping my fingers crossed! I interview next week.

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  1. Good Luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


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