Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too many brides spoils the wedding

I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to start shopping for the dress in May. My goal is to start dress shopping right after finals and right before my summer internship starts so that I can go during the week, with some of my bridesmaids, and not face the zoo that is David's Bridal on a weekend.

But my mom's wedding is at the end of June, and she doesn't want to go dress shopping with me before that because she "want[s] to have [her] mind clear." What about my mind? :P Between the full-time internship, looking for a permanent job starting in August, and moving in with D this summer (which means we need to spend weekends in July looking for an apartment, not looking for a dress), I just don't feel like waiting until after June is going to be a good plan for me.

Not really sure what the best way to handle this is. Because I actually care about my dress (as opposed to, say, my flowers), I can't just buy the first dress I see from the first place I go if it's not the right one, so finding this particular item will probably take a little bit of time, and I only have time in May. I might have to go without her...? (She would kill me.)


  1. Go without her and get your initial research done so you can see what general styles work & don't work on you. But don't tell her!

  2. Maybe if you at least *start* to go without her she will decide that "keeping her mind fresh" is less important than she originally thought!


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