Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding look 5

Here is another bridal look I'm thinking about trying.

Dress: lace and tulle by Allure Bridals, $1,000. Jewelry: Vintage Crystal and Pearl earrings, $35, and necklace, $74, from Exclusively Weddings. Shoes: Paula by Ellie Shoes, $39.25.

I really like vintage-style jewelry with these sorts of embellished dresses. So pretty. I don't know the exact retail price on this Allure Bridal gown in stores, but I found it listed online as being $1,000, which I think is probably a bit low (which would make it AWESOME if I actually find it for that price). I don't think I like the bolero much—even though I do love boleros—but I like that it's an option.

Anyway, I really enjoy the dress quite a bit, probably because it reminds me of the lehenga and top that I won't be getting, but love. I'm a little nervous about how flat my stomach may or may not be on any given day, though, with a dress so form-fitting in the front.

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  1. oh my goodness....that is one bee-u-tee-full dress! and I love vintage looking jewelry. That would be a fabulous look for your wedding...and it wouldn't look "dated" 20 years from now either.

    a friend of mine had big hoop dresses for her bridesmaids and PARASOLS!!!! Oooh boy!!!


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