Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weight Watchers in the office

As I mentioned, I've finally reached my goal weight after month(s) of busting my butt (somewhat literally). And as I've also previously mentioned, I'll be spending this fall (and summer, too, actually) interning for an agency off-campus.

These are great experiences for my resume, but are doing a number of my time management. Though classes kept me busy as all get-out last semester (you'd never know it from reading this blog, though, would you!), I rarely had to be out the door before 8:00 AM, which gave me enough time to work out in the morning during the week, to cook healthy meals during the day, and to take care of myself in ways I'd not otherwise done since college (so it figures that only after returning to graduate school and dedicating myself to my health did I get back to my college weight! ;). Basically, in the last semester, I undid all the weight-related damage I'd done to myself in three years in the corporate workforce.

But for the next seven months, I'll be working full-time on a regular schedule an hour away from home. I'll have a lot more personal time (time where I don't need to think about the homework I should be doing), but a lot less flexible time (time to spend an hour and a half in the living room weight lifting four days a week). If I fall into my old bad habits—habits like eating to alleviate boredom or relieve stress, or like going out to eat (and buying a fattening lunch) just because everyone else is—I won't have enough time between when the job ends in December and my wedding in March to lose the weight again!

Sigh. I'm on week 20 of Buff Brides, and I intend to do two weeks of nothing but cardio after I finish the program (four weeks from now) and before starting over again with week 1. I guess I'll work out after I get home if I have to, but we shall see...

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