Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sale at Crate&Barrel

I only bought the white sheets, but we're actually registered for this whole set. Pretty!
The linen sheets that D and I are registered for at Crate&Barrel seem to be on clearance (and I do so hate when they discontinue something that I love, which happens often since I set up our registry there so far ahead of the wedding!), so I bought them today. :-/ They were originally $219 sheets, and are on sale for $69, so I really couldn't not—have you ever slept on real linen sheets? They're also more eco-friendly than cotton sheets, since linen requires less pesticides and irrigation than cotton does (and they last a lot longer, which reduces waste!). Sure, these are a blend, but they're more linen than cotton and I can't afford 100% linen sheets right now. :)

But enough of my justifications. We are about to receive our first ever registry gift! At least six months before my (first) bridal shower! A gift to ourselves, certainly, but a gift, nonetheless. ;) The package will arrive before we move in together in July, but I'll just hold onto it and break out the new sheets when we move in as a "housewarming" treat.


  1. i've never felt linen sheets before, but they sound fab! hmm...i may have to head over to C&B and give them a feel! ha, i sound creepy! :P

  2. Shell: I don't know how the summers are in your part of the country, but if they get hot and humid at all, you simply must try linen sheets. They will change your life! Or at least the quality of your sleep for a part of the year. :) And they get better with age and additional washings!


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