Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ring doubts

I absolutely love my engagement ring, and I did enough shopping around to know that I got the only style of ring that could possibly have given me butterflies in my stomach (although maybe if he'd picked something before my endless nagging and surprised me with it, it would have achieved the same effect!).

But the truth is, after over seven months of wearing it, I am realizing that it's just a little bit impractical. Reasons being:

1. I work in a really sketchy neighborhood. The blessing and the curse of my ring is that it's quite eye-catching! I'll only be here until December, and, since I'm an intern, no one expects me to be here past 5:00 PM, ever (at least, this is true in my field and at my site; I know that's not true for interns across the board!). But by the time daylight savings ends, it gets dark pretty early and the "locals" around here are hardly the most upstanding of citizens. Of course, it's less likely that any of them would try to steal my ring, and more likely that I would be accosted by an agitated schizophrenic who thinks I'm trying to rob him (this has happened before, when I worked here regularly and not just as an intern, and it was very weird). And there's a good chance I'll be in this neighborhood after I graduate, too, which will not have a definite end date (hopefully) and won't necessarily have a 5:00 quitting time.

2. I have a very active lifestyle, which is incompatible with such a delicate ring. I play sports, I lift weights, I hike, and I do housework—all of these things are terrible for diamond engagement rings. And my engagement ring is a bit on the delicate side, what with the diamonds throughout the band and the high profile setting. Although I didn't like them as much, sometimes I think that the cathedral or bezel settings would have been the wise way to go.


Of course, I'm not going to be changing my engagement ring (unless Mr. Spaniel wants to buy me Tiffany for an anniversary gift? no?), so I'll just try to remember to remove my e-ring before doing most of those tasks and try really hard not to lose it while it's off my finger.

But I can use what I've learned in the search for my wedding band. We'd originally planned to buy the matching diamond band for me, but I'm thinking now about at least looking at a plain white gold, 2mm band that I can keep on my finger even at the times when the e-ring needs to come off.

What did/would you choose? And is it weird to go with a plain band when there is a diamond band that is made to match with my e-ring?


  1. Despite the poo-poo it got on SATC, I really like the idea of wearing an engagement ring on a chain around your neck when it's not practical to wear it on your finger. It would be a little easier to hide by slipping it under your shirt, and if you need to take it off for sports/activities, there is a lot less of a chance that you'll lose it as long as you get a sturdy chain.

  2. hmm...that's a tough one! i've always liked the look of just a slim plain wedding band. not as exciting to shop for, but still fab!

    by the way, steve and i made your "oldie but goodie" PB chicken recipe last night, and it was delicious! we used rice noodles instead of rice and added onions instead of peppers. oh, and i added a little honey halfway through my bowl of it...yum! thanks for the recipe :)

  3. Laughing: I guess that's an idea... I already wear necklaces pretty frequently though and I do love my pendants...

    Shell: I'm glad you liked the recipe! Honey is a great addition. :) I never thought to add onions because I love peppers so very much, but I might try it with both of them next time! And I agree on the ring... it isn't as exciting to shop for ;). But that doesn't make it not beautiful! Too bad I can't ask for both, huh? :)

  4. I had a similar problem as you. With all my activities, I often had to take off my E-ring...which often resulted in me not wearing more than wearing it. I was paranoid about damaging it or losing it.

    Actually, shortly after I got engaged, I was in a dance club and some guy came close to me, seeming like he was trying to dance with me. I ignored him in hopes he would leave me and my girlfriends alone. However, he then took my hand and tried to TAKE my E-ring off my hand! This only fuelled me to be even more paranoid.

    As a result of these various things, I ended getting a thin plain and simple white gold wedding band(I too had a wedding band that was made to match the E-ring). It really does make your life a whole lot easier.

  5. Paige: Oh my god! That sounds so scary! Seems like you made the right choice.


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