Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still alive!

So the move was a success, in that all of our stuff is in our place and most of it didn't break (my Mikasa wine goblets didn't make it, but I wouldn't have had any room for them in the kitchen anyway). Not so successful: I caught a flu (and yes, it could have been of the swine variety) a few days before we actually moved in, which made packing a horror of the highest magnitude (and D had to pack all of his own stuff, and almost all of mine as a result). It also made unpacking pretty dreadful, as D is not the veteran mover that I am so each box I unpack sends me into three different rooms to put everything away, slowing me down almost as much as the muscle aches and lingering fever (just kidding; the fever went away!).

At this point, other than a tower of empty boxes by the door and an entire fortress of them filled with our books in the dining area (we are nothing if not readers, and also people who do not own bookcases oh my god), we're pretty much unpacked. The bathroom has no storage (seriously, there is not even a drawer under the sink! the situation will need to be remedied before I'm comfortable here) and we can't finish unpacking our desk until we get D a new file cabinet, but other than that we are... home.

Wow. Home.

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