Monday, August 24, 2009

How I found my wedding dress: A swing and a miss

Part I: Having my doubts
Part II: Breaking the rules!

I was disappointed by my mom's detached reaction to the dress that I had just tried and liked, but when I tried on the next, I realized the sweat I'd broken out in was actually a result of the heavy satin and not my nerves! So Fanal was out. The next dress was another La Sposa gown, Ferida.


I dutifully exited the fitting room to show my mom, but I should have taken more note of how unhappy even the model looks in this dress: it was excruciatingly ugly on me. In fact, I was noticing a pattern: this lace and tulle La Sposa gown looked an awful lot like the last lace and tulle La Sposa gown I'd tried when I'd gone dress shopping with BM5. Since I can't show you Ferida on me, I am going to swallow my pride and show you the other monstrosity now, strictly for your entertainment, because I love you all so:

(personal image, taken by BM5)

Let's just say, I hated the dress. My mom, on the other hand, seemed to really like it: she liked the sweetheart neckline, she fussed about the embellishments, and she didn't seem to want to take "NO WAY" as an answer while she took notes. But I couldn't even stand to be in the dress, and I ran away to the fitting room as soon as I could to try on number three: Allure Bridals 8601, my long-running top contender (despite how y'all voted!).


It was the dress to which I compared all others, even when I wasn't sure how much I loved it on me when I first tried it. (Did I tell you guys about that part? I put the dress on, looked in the mirror, and thought, "Oh, that's too bad" before the saleslady and BM5 both said "Wow"!) But was it really The One™, this time?

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