Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wedding overload

D and I just got back from a wedding in San Diego and I am officially in wedding overload. The ceremony we went to was sweet, sentimental, heartfelt, and totally goofy (intentionally? not sure). I can't say I got any real ideas from it (it was so perfectly representative of this couple, but would not work in any way, shape or form for me and D), except that the bride, who has always been pretty cute anyway, looked amazingly gorgeous and I feel re-motivated to stay on the fitness horse.

Before we left, I put up an ad requesting a budget DOC, and I got more responses than I can sift through. I know we're a little early in the process to find a day-of, but I know that I need one and I don't see the harm in getting this squared away early. Except that now that I'm back in town, I've lost some steam and I haven't managed to get back to anyone!

Next up: shopping, hopefully for the last time, for my wedding dress next Saturday, and then getting the bridesmaids to order their dresses (which I have finally decided for sure).

Dessy 2509Dessy 2053

The hard part is figuring out how to go about getting the dresses, given that I've got one Ventura County bridesmaid, one in Orange County, and the other three literally as far apart from one another as you can be and still be in Los Angeles County. So I'd like them to get their dresses online, but then it makes most sense (save on shipping costs!) for me to order all of them. But seeing as how I don't have $1,000 to lay out, I need to get them to pay for the dresses first. And to find their own tailors. And to get their measurements so we know what sizes to order. ACK!

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