Monday, September 7, 2009

Wherein I let go and let other people deal with things

Among other things, yesterday morning D and I met with a wedding coordinator to talk Day of business. We really liked her, the price was within our very modest budget (since we had no budget for it originally, but felt this was one item our wedding could not go without), and so we think we'll be going with her.

Also, I decided to let D take care of that champagne toast thing. We both have a very clear memory of the woman who showed us around telling us that the toast was included, and because I was becoming overwhelmed with planning (even planning for a planner is planning, isn't it?), D was sweet enough to take this off of my plate.

I feel better already. Sometimes you don't realize how much work planning your own wedding is until you let someone else do some of it for you. But it's pretty hard to let go!

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