Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flower freak

Step 1: Visit with two different florists on opposite sides of Los Angeles within a one-week period. Leave both studios unimpressed.

Step 2: After failed florist visits, finally realize what exactly you are looking for, look up incredible bouquet tutorial and find online sources for bulk flowers.

Step 3: Find another flower to include, but make sure that it's one that you can't get from the same dealer as the earlier flowers. You know, really make it difficult for yourself.

Step 4: Go back and visit your venue. Realize that they've entirely redone the ceremony area... SO THAT YOU NO LONGER NEED A FLORIST EVEN FOR THE CEREMONY DECORATIONS, and therefore it would be totally unjustifiable to spend the extra money to hire one.

Step 5: Freak out when you can't find a good tutorial on boutonniere and wrist corsage making. Post all over every message board you can find; receive no completely helpful answers (because you are a flower dunce).

Step 6: Have a long conversation with your mother about how you will never be able to make six bouquets, twelve boutonnieres and three wrist corsages on the Thursday before your wedding because you have to have your rehearsal on Thursday, and have to get your nails done before that because you're having henna done the next day and for some reason(?) can't get your nails done the day of the henna. Realize there are not enough hours in the day.

Step 7: Look for help on Craigslist. Find lots of florists; assume none are eager to work just for their labor if they can't also profit from the flowers.

Step 8: Realize you have friends and bridesmaids. Get assurances from two of them (and the groom) that they will help.

Step 9: Remember roses have thorns that need to be removed. Imagine wedding photos full of scratched arms and bleeding hands. Start looking up professional florists again to do all of the work.

Step 10: Have a budget discussion with your future husband, and realize you can't afford a florist even if you want one.

Step 11: Deep breaths.

Step 12: Decide you will deal with this decision later.

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