Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bridesmaid gifts, Part IV: We have the wrapping, and now the wrap!

The puppies have arrived! Or at least the bridesmaid "pashminas" have!

(personal image)

The package from ClassyWedding was actually delivered Thursday, but since no one was home to receive it, I didn't get it until today. Très sadness! But I was pleased as pie anyway—the shawls are the right size, and the paisley pattern was perfectly subtle (say that five times fast!). I know they won't be as warm (and therefore as useful) as had I bit the bullet and purchased the real cashmere shawls I'd found previously, but... it is what it is. Had I an unlimited budget, I would have bought them all real pashminas, vintage brooches, chocolate and champagne (etc.), but with my real life financial limitations and the self-knowledge to accept that I will not just stop at fancy and over-budget wraps, I thought this was a decent substitute. And here's an out of focus, detail-less camera phone photo to, er, prove it!

(personal image)

I do have some plans for these bad boys, too—yes, I just called the pashminas "bad boys." First I'm going to have to iron out the folding creases from packaging, and THEN I'll roll them, tie them with some of the same ribbon I'm using for my programs, and attach a cute little thank you tag that has yet to be designed (but which will probably complement the bags. But I'm sure y'all'll love it. ;) But I won't be done with the bridesmaid gifts yet...

Did you have to make any budget-related compromises? Did your alternative work out for you?

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