Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's not a dress rehearsal (but I still need a dress!)

Although I am hoping for a casual, laid-back rehearsal dinner, I am not really one to pass up the opportunity to wear a cute new dress!

JS Boutique Lace Dress, $138 at Nordstrom

BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Appliqué Dress, $398 at Nordstrom

Jessica Simpson Delanie Mary Jane Pumps, $89 at Macy's

Martinez Valero Zenith Pump, $159.95 at Nordstrom

The BCBG dress is definitely fancier than I think I want for the rehearsal, but I'm tempted to buy it anyway to wear for our upcoming engagement shoot (more on that later). It's fabulous! But I have a thing about white dresses: I won't wear them except on my wedding day (and even then, it's ivory, not white), and possibly for the rehearsal/engagement shoot/a formal-ish shower?—so it's kind of a big expense for a single- (or double?) use dress. Still, I had to share... I love it with the blue shoes. :) They are nearly identical to Carrie Bradshaw's blue Manolos, at a much more attainable price. Buy them now, thank me later.

The lace dress is actually totally my speed (and I like how the model looks a little like me! It's like I can see myself in the dress already! Meant to be!!!), and my budget. It'll be a cool March evening, most likely, and I feel like this dress would be fine with a simple black cardigan that I already own, and HOT with the Jessica Simpson heels I barely avoided buying at the mall just this weekend. And any excuse to buy those shoes is one I am ALL over.

What do you think? Is this the dress, or should I keep looking? What did you wear for your rehearsal dinner?


  1. The lace dress is beautiful. I say, go for it! And I own those blue shoes . . . I haven't worn them yet but I can't wait for my friends to gush over my "Manolos" once I do!

  2. I love the lace dress! I bought the same one in ivory for our city hall wedding (we are doing that 6 months before our actual wedding). I think it's perfect.

  3. p.s. you can see a pic of the JS dress in ivory on me on my blog. Good luck!

  4. You'd look stunning in anything. The lacy one is pretty, but I much prefer the white one. It's so cute and fresh - yes, it is a little bridey, but you are a bride and so that makes it appropriate. Plus, it'd be the brave choice and it would make you look like a beautiful flower. And your wedding is a time for braveness.

    Also, have you had any luck with your hair-stylist? I tried to comment about it before, but couldn't get the website to accept it. That's not important though, as I just wanted to say the hair-stylist you have isn't doing you justice. If you do stay with her, I do hope you practice hairstyles until you hit on the right one.

    Sorry to go on about it, hoping everything is going well. Sending best wishes from Oz.

  5. Unfortunately by the time I'd decided to buy the lace dress, it was no longer available in my size! I'll have to figure something else out, I guess... but I have time. :) I'm not sure I can justify the cost of the white one.

    @Coastal Aussie: Thank you! :) I haven't had much luck with my stylist yet... although I did find some similar hairstyles to the one she executed that didn't bother me so much as the ones I *got*, so I might think about those. I also found two other people I plan to schedule trials with in the near future, *just in case*.


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