Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-wedding skincare

A lot of brides obsess about their skin leading up to their weddings, and I'm sure I'll be no exception. But my current concern isn't for my face—it's for my hands! I have a serious dry skin problem, and henna stains best on well-hydrated hands.

I currently use Desert Essence coconut lotion, and it's remarkably effective—when I remember to use it. It's non-petroleum based, so it's safe to use after the henna is applied, and the ingredients are organic, so I feel pretty good about it. It also smells like total yuminess.


But in the days leading up to the mehndi, I'd like to go with a slightly more intensive hydrating treatment. Instead of my coconut lotion (which I'm going to try to get into a better habit of using daily!), I will be switching to extra virgin coconut oil on my hands, arms and feet (you can buy jars of it at Whole Foods or on


It's solid at room temperature, but it softens starting at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Conveniently enough, human skin is much warmer: I usually just grab a lump of solid oil and rub it into my skin, where it melts and hydrates quickly and effectively. I think that once-daily application of coconut oil (generally before bed, when skin loses most of its moisture) ought to go a long way towards healing my frequently dry, itchy skin. (The delicious smell never hurt anyone, either!) Extra virgin olive oil also makes a terrific moisturizer, but because it is liquid at room temperature, it tends to be messier.

What's your healthy skin regimen? Are you changing up anything before your wedding?


  1. This product sounds great! Will need to check it out! I like you forget to use all the insane amounts of products that I actually own!

  2. What a great blog! I like reading your tips, as I am an Indian bride too. Have you seen this:

    You should be one!


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