Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The second most important dress at the wedding

Finding a Mother of the Bride dress was an ordeal. It was such an ordeal, actually, that Mama Spaniel could have started her own blog based on the search! Seriously—we were all over the board! I gave her a few guidelines about color and style, and then she proceeded to buy and return pretty much every single dress available through Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus online in her size (and even not in her size!). Some fit the guidelines, and some were red mermaid dresses. And when we thought she was satisfied with a dress, she changed her mind and did it again (she bought and returned the same Tadashi three times!). Although it appears that the search is over and the issue has been closed, two more dresses are en route. You can't say the woman isn't having fun shopping! ;)

Before the ordering spree started, my ideal dress for Mama Spaniel was something like this:

Tadashi Shoji Rosette Bodice Silk Chiffon Gown, $398 at Nordstrom

I liked it because the colors are simple and blend into the wedding palette, the neckline isn't too low, and the style isn't too matronly. It's just a beautiful evening gown.

She came back at me with all kinds of zingers—some of them were really pretty dresses that she returned because she didn't like the fit, but some were really out there. And others were kind of in-between.

Sue Wong Paisley Foil Halter Gown, $410 at Neiman Marcus

This one isn't so bad, I guess, but aside from being way too busy and in the wrong colors (though nobody loves paisley more than I do! unless it's the future Paisley?), it doesn't exactly seem MOB-appropriate to me. At least, not this MOB, because she hates having her arms showing in pictures! I don't think I could handle the years of complaining about my wedding photos that would follow!

There was also this one:

Marc Bouwer Glamit! Lace Chiffon Gown, $995 at Neiman Marcus

We both actually liked this dress—right colors, right coverage, right fabrics, and so beautiful—but at nearly $1,000, it was sort of a failed endeavor before it was even delivered. It cost more than my wedding dress and was just a bit too rich for our blood. (I think it was a curiosity purchase on her part more than a serious one.) So back it went.

In the end, Mama Spaniel found a dress somewhere in between her tastes and mine, and I think we're both reasonably happy.

(personal images)

What, that wasn't clear enough? Jeesh, you guys are so demanding.

Sue Wong Beaded Gown with Deep V-Back, Nordstrom

(She promises that you can see her in it once she finalizes her accessories.) It's such a pretty dress in person... even though I'm afraid it's a little too sexy. She picked up this shrug and plans to wear it all night. I guess I would have preferred a dress that didn't need to be covered with another item of clothing in order to be comfortable, but since it's not really my decision, I can live with it. (I didn't cry, though. ;) Hey, it works.

At least, I hope it works. As I mentioned, there are still a few more dresses coming. This search has been going on—no lie!—since last May. I didn't buy my dress until August! I'm glad she's having fun... but I am ready for this part of the planning to end. ;)

Were you involved in the Mother of the Bride dress search? Did you like what she ended up with?


  1. I haven't even started shopping for my dress yet and my mom and bridesmaids have been sending me all kinds of ideas for their own looks. :) And if you ask my MOH, she will tell you that her dress is the 2nd most important. lol ;)

  2. lol... my mom had already bought and returned at least five dresses for herself before I had even gone shopping for mine. ;) I thought the wedding dress was supposed to set the tone for everything else!!

  3. Oh man...this is something I am super nervous about. While I liked the dress my mom picked out for herself at my sister's wedding, she tends to lean towards a 'younger' style that I just don't think is the right 'fit' for her. Granted she is a young MOB - no doubt. I'm 37 and she is only 55 and most people think she's my sister and not my mother! But I mentioned to her last week that I want us to start shopping for her gown now since we have picked out all the other dresses in the wedding and have them in hand. There's not much more I am working on right now so I want to start hitting up the shops! I'll blog about our search - pray for me!

  4. Your mom is so young! Hopefully she'll find something you are both comfortable with. :) Good luck! My mom is the same age and also has a pretty young style... I had to remind her that she was the MOB and not a bridesmaid once or twice. ;)


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