Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Processing the processional (music), Part I

I don't think I've mentioned this previously, but we've finally found an officiant. It's a whole story that I'm not ready to tell yet (as I haven't met the guy... but that's yet another story! Or maybe the same one?), but it's basically given us a lot of freedom to write our own ceremony—but not our own vows—which, while awesome, is a ton of pressure (and therefore I am avoiding it like the plague).

What I'm working on instead? Figuring out our ceremony music. We're dividing our processional's music into the groom's processional (yes, Mr. Spaniel gets to stand by himself for the entire time), seating of the mothers, bridesmaids, and my walk down the aisle, and we're following the ceremony with the recessional music. We've decided to go primarily with Vitamin String Quartet covers because I find lyrics kind of distracting and not always straightforwardly aligned with what I want to say. (Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to find a love song that isn't also about loss or pain? That's not the message we want for our wedding!)

Prelude: The Book of Love

We're thiking of playing this one (this version, with all its silly lyrics) before we start the ceremony as a cue to guests to take their seats because the real processional is about to start. I knew it was the song when I played it for my mom and she said, "This is nice..." when the music started playing but looked at me and said, "Miss Spaniel, how did you get so weird?" by the end of the first line. Well, maybe that isn't the tone we want to set...

Groom's processional: Falling Slowly

I loved this movie. I love this song. We would use the instrumental (string quartet) version, which is beautiful (some of them are kind of... not that good). I win. As soon as Mr. Spaniel agrees with me, that is (which hasn't happened yet! But I'm sure he either will eventually, or come up with something even more awesome).

Stay tuned for the rest of the ceremony music!


  1. Hahaha I love both those songs, and played Book of Love for my FI as a possible first dance. He thought I was weird too...

  2. I love the Book of Love song...but the Peter Gabriel is my fave version. I actually have it on my playlist for my DJ but probably as dinner music or something. I also like the 2nd song...not weird...just individual!

  3. FI introduced me to Magnetic Fields and thought it was hilarious when I suggested playing it at the ceremony, but he is on board with that one, at least. :)

    @Born to be: I've actually never heard the Peter Gabriel version (I first heard *of* it when I was looking for this video!) so I will have to take a listen! I suspect its strangeness might be less shocking, which might be better. As for the other, I think Falling Slowly is such a beautiful song, even if the lyrics aren't really applicable to to D and I... we're both a little worried it might be too sad in tone, even without the words.

  4. Ha! I am with you on the lyrics thing. It's amazing that so many of the songs I love (and thought were sweet) are actually about loss, pain and suffering. My fiance and I are toying with having an instrumental version of Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" because we love the song. But the first two lyrics are "Love of mine/Someday you will die." Argh! Such a beautiful song, though!

  5. I would love to hear about your officiant decision...we are having a lot of trouble finding officiants for our Catholic/Jewish ceremony, so wondering how it worked out for you.


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