Thursday, November 19, 2009

Processing the processional (music), Part IV: Recess!

Part I
Part II: Getting traditional
Part III: Here comes the bride

I debtated keeping at least one musical secret from you, but the debate pretty much went like this:

Maybe I should not post my recessional music, and keep it a surprise until after the wedding! Nevermind, that's dumb.

Recessional: This Will Be Our Year

I usually think of this as a New Year's song, but I find it sweet and festive and I think it's just the right feel for after a wedding ceremony. We won't be using a string version of this song; the original is too perfect!

I'm so excited about our ceremony music! What pieces did you choose for your ceremony?

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  1. I LOVE THIS! I've never heard this song, and I think it's so so fantastic.

    If I were at a wedding and this played, I'd totally cry.(But a good smiley cry!) Fo reals.


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