Monday, November 9, 2009

Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it

On a Sunday not too long ago, Mr. Spaniel and I had the meeting we had ever so eagerly awaited since we'd booked our venue: it was the day that Mr. Spaniel and I selected our menu!

We decided to go with an hour of unlimited passed hors d'ouvres, including melon-wrapped prosciutto, crab stuffed mushrooms, teriyaki beef skewers, and potato pancakes with apple sauce. Prosciutto e melone is Mr. Spaniel's all-time favorite appetizer (so it was an easy choice, even though I don't eat pork), and we are both pretty happy with the stuffed mushrooms and beef skewers, but we're not totally crazy about the vegetarian option... we might still switch it out for the spinach and feta puffs or the vegetarian spring rolls. But my grandma will love the pancakes, so they're staying on the menu for now. As for the entreé, we already knew what we were selecting as dinner options (chicken with artichoke and prime rib) so that was relatively uneventful, but the vegetarian option turned out to be a happy surprise: egg noodle goat cheese ravioli! It sounds so good, Mr. Spaniel and I will probably both end up ordering it!

I hope our dinner looks like this!

Less eagerly awaited was the selection of our linens. Our choices were basically these: white floor length tablecloth (that's it), and polyester overlay and napkins in one of 15 (bleh) colors. We went with a black overlay and ivory napkins, which didn't thrill me to death or anything, but it will be functional and at least our ivory (or green, or lavender) rose petals among the centerpieces will stand out against the dark tablecloth. We thought about doing green napkins, but I think they will be too difficult to match in other accents (they were more mint and less olive), so we passed. It kind of makes me wish I could throw money at linen rentals, but I think we are getting a more substantial impact by throwing it at the chairs instead—we upgraded the white wooden folding chairs (which I saw set up for a wedding, and which were in dire need of a thorough cleaning) to dark Chiavari chairs.

Dark tablecloth, light napkins, and Chiavari chairs
(source, via)

And: it's done. The only decor-related decisions we have left to make, I think, concern table numbers and place cards (and maybe choosing which picture frames to use for our old wedding photo collection). This is a weight off my shoulders!

By the way, can I just mention how weird it is to start writing about things like the menu, linens, and table numbers? Like, is my wedding actually so close that it's okay to talk about details now? This is so weird!


  1. LOL I have been thinking about those details for months! Nice job on upgrading to the them. They are included at a discounted rate ($4/chair) at our venue since they have an exclusive deal with the rental company. And we also threw in a little extra to upgrade to satin colored linens throughout. I like the colors you discussed and how you plan to incorporate sounds pretty and classy. I can't wait to do our menu selection in a few months!

  2. @B2B: I have been too, but I've only just started posting about them again... and it still feels like I'm cheating! ;) BTW, your venue sounds amazing. I can't wait to see the finished product!


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