Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ornamental Inspiration: Spaniel Edition

This year, Mr. Spaniel and I are sharing our first Christmas tree. I never had one growing up (we didn't do "Hannukah Bushes" 'round these parts!), and I'm kind of loving the smell of the tree in the living room! We'd like to start a tradition of ornament exchanges, but since we're just starting out this year and aren't bringing any of our own ornaments into this relationship, our gifts to each other are packages of aluminum balls for $2.99 from Ross. ;) But another year...


I found this ornament at Orna Mentz, and I immediately thought of a gold rosary, wrapped around a bouquet of white roses. So I made a white and gold wedding inspiration board!

Top row: Scroll invitations, Candlesticks, Dress
Middle row: Tableware, Candleabra centerpiece
Bottom row: Earrings, Shoes, Flowers and rosary

Happy holidays!


  1. Love Christmas ornaments - what a nice tradition

  2. I was hoping you would do one of these posts! Beautiful! I love the gold. And yay for Ross ornaments - I got all mine at the Dollar Store last year. You can actually find some really cute ones at places like this!

  3. How fun, your first Christmas tree together! I love that ornament and want the earrings and SHOES!!! :)


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