Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dress me!

'Hive, this Bee needs your help. My engagement photo shoot is coming up soon—yes, I know I've been engaged for well over a year already, but I'm still engaged! And that means pictures must be taken!—and us Spaniels just do not know what to wear!

First, some background: Mr. Spaniel and I have chosen a setting that we're really excited about, though we had to pass on a lot of other awesome nearby locations. Goodbye, Downtown Los Angeles!



Farewell, light rail and Union Stations!


I hardly knew you, Descanso and Huntington Gardens!


We're keeping the actual location a secret for now (I'm! So! Mean!), but it's probably closest in style to Downtown LA... and I'm struggling with my outfit!

I know that I want to wear something where I feel like myself... and said self is not a dress or a skirt girl. In fact, self is a blue jeans kind of lady, which leaves me basing my outfit choices around my favorite pair.


I'd pair these either with a tunic and some cute flats,

Mine is similar to this, but in a jewel-tone green (source)

I actually also got these shoes for free with my BlueFly gift card! (source)

or a sweater and some slouch boots.



Since we don't have all that much time and I am not sure it will add much, really, there won't be any outfit changes. Which way would you go? And if you had an e-shoot, how did you choose your own e-shoot outfits?

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  1. I'd definitely go with the tunic and flats. Slouchy boots are a little too trend-y for my taste when it comes to pictures that you'll be hoping looking back on for many years.


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