Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Please don't take away my bride card, but I am not really a lover of cake.


In fact, in (one of) my dream wedding(s), dessert is actually a scoop or two of gelatto. But Mr. Spaniel loves him some cake (and really, I think, so do most people), and it is a wedding, so I put on my research hat (what? I like hats) and looked for inspiration!

I got the idea pretty early on that I wanted a mehndi-styled cake, and there was no shortage of beautiful inspiration!

(source, source)

(source, source, source)

After tasting a few samples, though, we realized that we didn't like the taste of fondant, and we also really wanted to use our favorite local bakery, Porto's, for the cake—and they don't even use fondant. Buttercream doesn't really lend itself as well to intricate patterns, so I looked around for a less intricate henna-inspired pattern that would be easier to apply to a buttercream-covered cake, and I found this.


They actually had a very similar design in their portfolio already, which increased my confidence. Ours will have three tiers, a light cream colored background, and chocolate fudge decoration. I guess if it's that pretty, I will let them eat cake! HA! Ha, ha. Oh.

Did your cake design have any special significance for you?


  1. Those cakes are gorgeous! I think we're going to just have a cake/dessert buffet. Neither of us is a huge cake fan, so this should work for us!

  2. I dont like most cake either, only buttercream frosting ;)

  3. Those cakes are beautiful. I love the idea of a
    menhdi inspired cake. There was no special significance to our cake, but we were one of the very first same sex couples to be legally married. We wanted to do it up. So we had a three tiered cake with golden fruit dripping from. Gold Fruit.


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