Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nailing my style down, Part I: Polishing up

As the wedding barrels down on me (ZOMG, it's coming SO SOON!!!), I've had to start thinking about things that never would have occurred to me to put on a big to-do list when we first got engaged... like my nail color! I mean, who would let themselves get caught up in their freaking finger nails when there are so many other things to take care of? This Spaniel would!

I first started thinking that this decision would be a little more complicated than walking into a nail salon and out with a simple French tip when I saw this at Maharani.


After totally creeping out Mr. Spaniel ("Is that a FINGERNAIL? By itself?"—he is also horrified by hair and eyelash extensions) and getting a good chuckle out of that, I started to think that maybe some color wasn't a bad idea. After all, our wedding palette is pretty muted—heck, even my shoes are only gold—and next to the dark mehndi stain, a rich color might be a nice contrast as compared to some of the light, "bridal" colors I had first considered.

OPI "Time-less Is More" (source)

I've pretty much ruled out the light pinks and whites and pink-and-whites (am I the only one who just found that amusing?), but I'm now weighing the pros and cons of trying to recreate the red and gold reverse French tip (trial run required)—or maybe just gold tips with a red base?—or just sticking with a deep red alone (no trial run necessary!). What do you think?

Have you given much thought to your wedding nail 'do? What did you decide?


  1. I'd go with the deep red. And color is necessary =)

  2. I agree, you need a bold color against the mehendi. That lone fingenail kind of freaked me out, too ;)

  3. I like it too. And I agree that nail colour is a surprisingly difficult thing to select, as it can really make a big difference to an outfit. Well done, for being so bold with your inspiration. :)


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